Mouvo 2022 - Pátek

8/4/2022 14:30

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16.30 - 17.30 Masterclass by Maxon: Cinema 4D with Jonas Pilz Maxon is a proud partner of Mouvo and the company behind the popular 3D tool Cinema 4D as well as the powerful render engine Redshift. Maxon’s master trainer Jonas Pilz has spent almost a decade leading Cinema 4D workshops and presenting Maxon products. He’s also responsible for training 3D artists at all levels and certifying Cinema 4D instructors. Without a doubt, he knows every corner of the software. At Mouvo, Jonas will showcase the basics of Cinema 4D and the Mograph module, along with interesting procedural setups and dynamic simulations (Friday). Last but not least, he will present the Redshift renderer and share how to set up materials for great lighting and effective rendering (Saturday). 18:00 - 19.00 Sander Sturing Sander Sturing is a creative coder for the renowned Dutch studio Dumbar. He champions experimenting with processing and typography. Sander's technical skills allow Dumbar to accelerate innovative approaches when creating a visual identity and building brands. Whether it is new technological possibilities, working with data, programming, or producing their tools, integrating technology and motion design is key to Dumbar's work. The Dutch studio's innovative approach moves the brand experience to another level. 19.30 - 20.30 Rogier van der Zwaag Dutch filmmaker, Rogier van der Zwaag, is a visual artist with a non-traditional creative approach to video production. His work is experimental and centers on his fascination with optical tricks and visual illusions. Roger plays with cameras, mirrors and physical objects made of paper, wood, wool, or even milk and rice. On top of personal projects, he uses his artistic trademark for commercial commissions. His successful projects include collaborations with Binkbeats and the Into The Great Wide Open festival.

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